Pacific School of Engineering

(Managed By Pacific Education Trust,Ahmedabad)

Approved by AICTE,New Delhi and Affiliated to GTU,Ahmedabad


  1. Library follows an open access system.
  2. Books should be checked for missing pages or damage before issue. The student will be held responsible for any damage/missing pages found further and the penalty would be at the discretion of the librarian.
  3. Each Student is eligible to borrow a maximum of two books at a time.
  4. Library resources like reference books, periodicals, bound volumes, CD’s, audio/video cassettes will be issued for only one day.
  5. Issues books/Personal books, files, notes and other personal belongings are not allowed to bring in the library.
  6. Readers shall switch off their Mobile phones inside the Library Premises.
  7. A No Due certificate is given to the borrower when she/he wishes to terminate the membership of Library.
  8. The students are expected to read notices issued by the Librarian from time to time. No excuses for ignorance of information notified earlier.
  9. Defaulting of the above rules will lead to termination of library membership.