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Topic Name : Webinar on Drug Delivery System
Expert Name : Mr. Ankur Raval
Audience : First year Engineering students

drug delivery system (DDS) is defined as a formulation or a device that enables a therapeutic substance to selectively reach its site of action without reaching the nontarget cells, organs, or tissues.

Topic Name : Fun With Superconductor
Expert Name : Prof. Ruturaj Thummar
Audians : First year Engineering students

Superconductors are materials that conduct electricity with no resistance. This means that, unlike the more familiar conductors such as copper or steel, a superconductor can carry a current indefinitely without losing any energy.

Powerful superconducting electromagnets used in maglev trains, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) machines.

Topic Name : How to Win Life with Positive Attitude
Expert Name : Dr. Snjay Shinde
Audians : First year Engineering students

positive attitude is mental outlook of optimism and of expecting good things to happen. People who possess this attitude are easier to get along with, are happy, and they spread joy around them.

Topic Name : “Inherent Skill development for a better life “Life Skills”…
Expert Name : Prof. Samir Shah
Audians : The newly entered students of first year.

 To provide motivation and to boost the confidence of students, the seminar was organized with a unique name

The whole session was highly effective and mind boggling, where the trainer touched various aspects and emphasised on the following points.

  1. On the topic of Enthusiasm, Attitude , Communication skills
  2. Moral values , Discipline , Team work and application based on learning
  3. Shared examples of persons with emerging achievements like Sachin Tendulkar, Dhirubhai Ambani, APJ Abdul Kalam, etc.
  4. How to inculcate professional skills.
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Topic Name : “Kyonki Rukna Mana Hai”…
Expert Name : Dr. Mehul G. Thakkar
Audians : Newly admitted first Semester students

The seminar was organized specially for the newly joined students, as they entered in the new system and trying to adjust themselves in the journey of becoming an engineer. To provide them motivation and to boost their confidence, the seminar was organized with a unique name Kyonki Rukna Mana Hai…

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