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Topic Name : Basic Concepts of Stress Analysis
Expert Name : Dr. Chaitanya K. Desai
Audians : Final year students

Solid mechanics is an elegant and fascinating subject that deals with determination of the stress, strain and displacement distribution in an elastic solid under the influence of external forces. The formulation establishes a mathematical model that allows solutions to problems that have applications in many engineering and scientific fields. Governing partial differential field equations are developed using basic principles of continuum mechanics commonly formulated in vector and tensor language.

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Topic Name : Linear Programming
Expert Name : Dr. K. D. Maniya
Audians : Final year students

Linear Programming is very important for project work, Military and for budget related problems. Numbers of methods are used for solving the linear programming. Therefore it is necessary to explain the different types of methods in details. Following topics were covered in seminar.

- Formation of Linear Programming Problem                

- How to solve LPP by Graphical Method

- Assignment Problem & Transportation Problem

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