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Topic Name : Two day Workshop on " Advanced Solidworks"
Expert Name : Mr. Harshit Patel, Sr. Application Engineer, SIED, Surat & Mr. Mitul Patel, Sr. Application Engineer, SIED, Surat
Audians : Students of Mechanical Engineering Department

In today’s highly competitive arena, to be a successful design engineer is becoming challenging day by day. Good grades are just an entry pass in the corporate, while to be a successful professional and technical skills are very much required. To groom the students in such areas a practical approach and learning was given through two days of training on Advanced Solidworks.

 - Advance Part Modelling in Solidworks.

 - Overview of Assembly & Weldments Module.

 - Sheet Metal Modelling in Solidworks with Application

 - Mold Design with it & its Application

Topic Name : One Day Workshop on "Energy Conservation Awareness"
Expert Name : Mr. Amarpal Kanojiya, Assistant Professor, Dr, Jivraj Mehta Institute of Technology, Anand
Audians : Students of Mechanical Engineering Department


Mechanical Engineering Department, Pacific School of Engineering hosted the GEDA, Gandhinagar Sponsored Workshop on ‘ENERGY CONSERVATION AWARENESS’ on 1st March 2021.

 Aim of Seminar:

- To introduce the basic concept of about energy conservation.

- To bring about the awareness amongst the participants to save and conserve energy.

- To discuss different means and applications related to energy conservation.

- To interact with participants through different sessions of industry experts to demonstrate the practical oriented approach about energy conservation.

Topic Name : Mechanical Equipment in Industries
Expert Name : Mr. Kunal Ribinwala
Audians : Final year & Pre final students of Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Point to be covered:

- Two mechanical equipment (Pumps And Compressors) with deep technical presentation. (Mechanical Equipment Operation, Codes, Standards and Specification, etc)

- Roll of Mechanical Engineers in Industries.

- Type of Industries available in the world.

- How Industries run

- Organization Structure of the industry.

- Departments available in Industries

Topic Name : ESPIRIT CAD-CAM Software
Expert Name : Mr. Vipul Agarwal
Audians : Final year & Pre final students of Department of Mechanical Engineering.

ESPIRIT is a powerful full-spectrum CAM system for CNC programming and simulation, supporting the manufacturing process from CAD files to machined part. With factory-certified post processors delivering machine-optimized G-code, ESPRIT is the smart manufacturing solution for any machining application. ESPRIT is a comprehensive CAM solution specifically designed to meet the demands of production machining. ESPRIT includes advanced support for: 2-5 axis mills 2-22 axis lathes multifunction lathes and mill-turn machines 2-5 axis wire-EDM. ESPRIT and SOLIDWORKS both utilize the Para solid modelling kernel. This means direct exchange of design models from SOLIDWORKS into ESPRIT, eliminating translation. Within ESPRIT, all machining is performed directly on the solid model as designed, assuring integrity of the final part. ESPRIT's adaptive connection to SOLIDWORKS means any changes in the SOLIDWORKS model are reflected inside ESPRIT and the G-code program. ESPRIT's Solid Simulation and Verification dry runs part programs on the computer to verify accuracy before actual machining. View designs on screen within the entire machining environment, including fixtures, clamps, and stock material. Everything is clearly rendered in dynamic 3D solid images. ESPRIT then accurately simulates every machine movement ensuring accurate G-code.

Topic Name : Basic Concepts of Stress Analysis
Expert Name : Dr. Chaitanya K. Desai
Audians : Final year students

Solid mechanics is an elegant and fascinating subject that deals with determination of the stress, strain and displacement distribution in an elastic solid under the influence of external forces. The formulation establishes a mathematical model that allows solutions to problems that have applications in many engineering and scientific fields. Governing partial differential field equations are developed using basic principles of continuum mechanics commonly formulated in vector and tensor language.

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Topic Name : Linear Programming
Expert Name : Dr. K. D. Maniya
Audians : Final year students

Linear Programming is very important for project work, Military and for budget related problems. Numbers of methods are used for solving the linear programming. Therefore it is necessary to explain the different types of methods in details. Following topics were covered in seminar.

- Formation of Linear Programming Problem                

- How to solve LPP by Graphical Method

- Assignment Problem & Transportation Problem

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