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Topic Name : Two Days Refresher Course on Usefulness of Chemical Engineering Fundamentals for Non-chemical Engineers
Expert Name : Mr. Manish Joshi, Mr. Rajesh Bhavsar, Mr. N. V. Vaghamshi etc.
Audians : Chemical and non-chemical Industrial Person as well as student.

Chemical/ process plant and operation can be operated at well define manner by better understanding of each process, operation or equipment. Those who have taken formal education in chemical engineering and those personnel who are engaged in the conduct of chemical plant operations need to explore their operating ability with basic fundamentals. Attending this courses is a part of basic understanding and helps to update / upgrade plant knowledge and operating skills also helps in to achieve chemical industry objectives and solve problems, whether related to processes, equipment or materials.

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Topic Name : Process Simulation: Hands-on Session on ChemCAD
Expert Name : Ms. Rishika Nagar, Mr. Anurag Tripathi
Audians : 8th Semester students of Chemical Engineering Department

The program is designed for the final year chemical and chemical-allied engineering students to introduce them to the concept of process modeling, simulation and process integration. The objective of the present training program is to create awareness of the computer aided process synthesis among the undergraduate, postgraduate students and academicians.

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Topic Name : Safety Day Celebration
Expert Name : Mr. Suranjan Singh- Executive Manager of Safire Services Pvt. Ltd
Audians : All the students and faculty members of Pacific School of Engineering

Safety Day was celebrated in our college, Pacific School of Engineering on 7 January 2017. The students were given knowledge regarding the safety against fire.

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Topic Name : Importance of Process Calculation in Chemical Industries
Expert Name : Prof.B.I. Bhatt sir, Prof. Parin Shah
Audians : All students of Department of Chemical Engineering department

The workshop is organized for getting insight of Growing & Smoothness of Process calculation, Awareness of Energy saving Opportunity in Pumping System and Concept of Azeotropic Distillation.

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Topic Name : Design of Experiment Using Taguchi Method & Artificial Neural Network
Expert Name : Dr. Meghal Desai,Dr. Sanjay Patel, Prof. Sagar Kapadia
Audians : 7th semester

A workshop was organized to get the knowledge about the various methods used for the performance of the experiment. One of this is the taguchi method which gives us the idea about how and in which way the experiment should be performed. The artificial neural network is also the one of the method for this purpose. The experts from the SVNIT were invited for this lecture.

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