Pacific School of Engineering

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Approved by AICTE,New Delhi and Affiliated to GTU,Ahmedabad

Topic Name : Three Days Hands-on Workshop on Web Designing
Expert Name : Mr. Abhijit Rakshit
Audians : 3rd year Students

A three days hands-on workshop to inform participants about web accessibility and to teach developers how to implement accessibility requirements of client. Website developers and application programmers should be able to do, apply techniques to develop accessible layouts, forms, tables, and other content using HTML and CSS properties. Evaluate websites for conformance the results with requirements of Client. Participants also learn about Validation techniques using Java Script. At the last, they make one mini project which contains designing, validation and also connectivity with database.It showed the students a path to walk on for developing a various web sites which are currently holding a major market world.

Topic Name : Recent Trends and Awareness of Programming in Cyber Security
Expert Name : Mr. Kumar Tapan Jha
Audians : 3rd & 4th Year Students

Cyberspace underpins almost every facet of the national functions vital to society and provides critical support for areas like critical infrastructure, economy, public safety, and national security. National governments aim at making a substantial contribution to secure cyberspace and they have different focus areas in the cyber ecosystem.

In that workshop, the level of cyber security reached is the sum of all national and international measures taken to protect all activities in the cyber ecosystem. Students learn how to identify account is hacked or not? , how to protect our systems? , how to identify hackers? etc. with help of this workshop student gain theory concept of cyber security as well as learn to execute program on different platform which are used for Security purpose.

Topic Name : Basic Android Application Development using Java
Expert Name : Mr. Amit Kasetiya
Audians : 3rd & 4th Year Students

The first session was devoted on Android Programming for Final year Students. In that expert lecture, various fundamental aspects of android programming were included. The session made the students aware about how to work on android platform, code in the environment and how they make their own small applications?

Today android is holding a big market in IT industry. The students were made to understand the potential and growth when working in android.Also they were given information about how to use various features, tools, techniques and also guide that, how to utilize the concepts at student level. The steps to deploy the programs and to test them with latest available tools were also discussed. It showed the students a path to walk on for developing a variety of apps which are currently holding a major market in today’s smart phoneoriented world.

Topic Name : Python Programming with Machine Learning
Expert Name : Dr. Pratima Shah, Mr. Sumit Davda, Mr. Hiren Galiyawala, Mr. Bhavin Panchal
Audians : Faculties from various institutes

An AICTE-ISTE sponsored six days Refresher Program on “Python Programming with Machine Learning” was organized by the Computer Engineering Department (PSE) from 25th February to 2nd March 2019. In this Refresher Program various eminent experts like Dr. Pratima Shah, Mr. Sumit Davda, Mr. Hiren Galiyawala and Mr. Bhavin Panchal delivered and serve as an umbrella for in-depth exploration of fundamental concepts in machine learning and python, get hands-on experience of latest industry relevant technologies and to provide flavor of various tools, technologies and application. Forty faculties from the various institute and some students of computer department were benefitted with this program.  

Topic Name : Workshop on Networking(IIT Hyderabad)
Expert Name : Mr. Manish Bhardwaj
Audians : 3 sem and 5 sem

A two day workshop organized on “Networking” in collaboration with ELAN, IIT Hyderabad and its official Networking Partner-Azure Skynet Solutions, Gurgaon.The workshop arranged by Cisco Certified Professionals. End of the workshop, a competition was organized among participants at the zonal center(PSE), titled “BrainTech Network and Cyber Security Championship 2017”. Winners of all Zonal centers will be called for Grand Finale of BrainTech which will be held in April 2017 at Azure Skynet Solutions, Gurgaon in association with Elan, IIT Hyderabad. Winner from the Final Round will win the title of BrainTech Network and Cyber Security Champion-2017 and will be awarded with a Scholarship of upto Rs.1 Lac for education purpose.


Expert Name : Mr. Dharmesh Dalal
Audians : Computer 5th Sem

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