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SSIP Project Selection: Water hyacinth (eichhornia crassipes) is one of the world’s most serious water weeds because of its aggressive fast-growing nature. Plants can form dense mats that reduce the water quality, change water flows, and increase sediments. Due to that removing and disposal of water hyacinth is essential. A plant which can spread over the whole river in a small amount of time. Also some disease are seen in people living around the water bodies filled with hyacinth weeds. Water hyacinth is convert into different forms such as hyacinth ash, hyacinth carbon, use in construction work and making of economical and eco-friendly concrete with respect to normal concrete work.

3rd Rank: Study of Infiltration rate is important in water resource management. Different infiltrometer are being used to measure time series of steady infiltration rates at the point scale. In the present study, the Kosmada area rainfall data were used. Infiltration results from both the single and double ring infiltrometer were used to estimate saturated hydraulic conductivity of soil. Horton’s equation is used to compare the derived results.
From the above analysis, it is observed that the double ring infiltrometer is having better result accuracy compare to that of single ring infiltrometer.
Runoff is calculate by both rational and the infiltration curve method. The combined graph representing both rainfall intensity and infiltration rate were plotted to derive the clear runoff. Though, the input data for both the methods were different, the results obtained through both methods were having similarity.

2nd Rank: Tire derived aggregate is an engineered product made by cutting tires in a small pieces size of about 12mm to 300mm. Aggregate derived from the waste tire material by recycle process or by any other method is known as “TIRE DERIVED AGGREAGTE.”

Tire materials are very harmful for the environment so use of tire derived rubber as an aggregate in concrete is very beneficial to our environment. Over 40 municipal corporations are used tire derived aggregate for the drainage system as a land filling. Tire derived aggregate has been successfully used in various project such as embankment, land fill daily cover, etc. Tire derived aggregate is very good thermal insulator.

Generally tire derived aggregate is used for embankments and land filling but our project related to use of tire derived aggregate in concrete for road construction.

1st Rank: Due to speedy operation of railway and limited platform of railway station at Surat. Train have permit to stand only few minute due to high frequency of train at mega city Surat. In surround area of railway station not have a enough land to developed another platform. We gave the solution to overcome this problem by means of provided multilevel railway station to increase the number of platform up to 08 from existing 04 numbers.

3rd Rank: To evaluate the Implosive resistance of concrete and Fiber Added Concrete for different composition, It is necessary to ensure the universal building & importance structure for their safety against fortuitous eruption & Assault. It is known that the behaviors of structure under detonation loading are more complex than those under consistent loadings, however there has been no scrutiny on contact detonation loading.

2nd Rank: This project is based on the solution of traffic problem and provides rapid transportation. For that we choose elevated BRTS as a solution. And by that we try to provide mass and rapid transportation using elevated BRTS. In which we will propose elevated BRTS with BRTS hub, foot over bridge design with the help of STAAD PRO. By considering all parameters of bridge design. An elevated BRTS is constructed in congested area of Surat. It is suitable, favorable, Safe for public.

1st Rank: The project is based on slum clearance and slum rehabilitation. The project is to provide a container home with healthy environment, hygienic condition and better living standard for slum area people. The area of slum is decrease by vertical development of container home. It is one type of mobile home which is easily transfer one place to another place. The container home establish with proper planning and basic facilities. So it is suitable and favorable for people of slum area by. This establishment own can solve slum area problems in technical way.